Mandala, in Sanskrit, means circle. It is an image that can be found throughout the world. In Western society we see it occurring in the sacred designs of the Celts, in the cathedrals of France in their rose windows; and then to the East in sacred images of Tibet.

Mandalas have been used since ancient times to assist meditation and concentration. C.G Jung says that mandalas, with their construction of a central point through which everything is related, is nature's attempt to answer back at disorder and confusion. Saying that the mandala is nature's attempt at self-healing, Jung believed that bright colors attract the unconscious.

It has been said that human beings are constantly seeking a way to feel truly alive and completely free and mandalas have been used to help in that search. In Tibetan Buddhism the mandala is used to help create focus and concentration for meditation. Some people say the mandala as a circle represents the wholeness of the personality, the complete self. Mandalas are considered an archetype and not based on any one tradition.

Our current society is rushed and often chaotic. The beautiful mandalas in Meditations create an oasis of calm, an image on your iPhone or iPad that can give you the cue to relax, to begin meditating and to stay in the present moment. The mandalas in Meditations were created by David Bookbinder. To find out more about David's mandalas and the other work he is involved in go to