Beautiful App to Fight Stress, Create Relaxation

Meditations lets you use the incredible graphics of iOS to make meditating easy. When you open Meditations you find out how simple and how beautiful it is to meditate.

The images are key in this app. Created by a New England photographer, they are flower photographs that have been transformed into stunning new images that resemble rose windows or mandalas.

Using the dissolve feature on the "My Flowers" page you can experiment with all twenty-one of the stylized flowers to see what order of images creates the feeling you're looking for. Then you can save any set that you like and add music and nature sounds to create specials meditations for the morning, or for the coffee break, or for help dealing with the kids. Meditations stores all of the meditations you build---and you can access them immediately from the "My Meditations" page.

The music and nature sound choices cover a broad spectrum so that they can suit your varying needs. From the sound of the surf at Point Reyes, California to the medieval music of early feminist Hildegard von Bingen and the New Age music Sequoia Records the music is set to enhance your meditation.

Meditations is an age old practice that in our times can be used to decrease anxiety and relieve stress. And like so many things, meditation works best with regular practice. Sounds like exercise, doesn't it? And it's well known if the workout is somehow compelling you're likely to keep coming back to it. "Meditations" is designed to reflect your personal style and taste so that you'll be a daily user.

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