Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I hear the music when I go to meditate?

Meditations won't go to portrait. Is there something wrong with my app?

Can I just select all the flowers to meditate to?

Once I've picked all my flowers can I rearrange the flow?

Can I change the flower images I picked for one meditation without losing the sound choice?

How do I make a meditation my Favorite?

Do I have to build a new meditation every time I want to meditate?

Can I change the name of a meditation? Can I change a meditation's name once I've copied it?

The guided meditation has no music. Can I add music?

What's the easiest way to add my own music to a meditation I made? Use playlist, song or album?

How can I learn to meditate longer?

Can I get a hard copy photograph of the mandalas?

Can I get more music for Meditations? I really liked Nightflyer and would like some more music like that?

What's the right amount of time to meditate?

How can I delete a meditation when I want to clean up my list?

Can I turn off the opening music that plays on the main page of the app?

How do I stop getting notifications to meditate?

Can I just start on the Home Page and skip the intro pages?